Technical Support


  • Sophisticated electrical & pneumatic assemblies with branded control components.
  • Highly sophisticated & new generation PLC based control system.
  • Smart options to delivering solutions for different equipment integration in pharma sector
  • Powerful, coordinated communication permits simple networking of engineering system, controllers and HMI. This keeps expansion feasible for networking with Centralized Systems.
  • The use of the latest software technologies guarantees a stable basis for future innovations, giving the system a secured future. Upgradeable base provides long term use of the application software with just the version upgrade.
  • Team of highly trained, skilled in house programmers, experienced in working on all PLC & automation platforms. Customize solution always possible from this team of expertise.
  • 21CFR part 11 compliance automation controls available as option.
  • ATEX certified option available to meet solvent based application requirement.

Functional Advantages:

  • Blocks un-authorized access to OS files & application software
  • Operator cannot install / remove any software from configured system
  • Always boots with original embedded OS image. Therefore no degradation / slowing down over long usage
  • System is crash proof & doesn't damage due to sudden power failure
  • System may/can be switched off without shutdown procedure